About Cynty...

"Dancing is a demonstration of my feelings, a discipline of life, an expression

of freedom and love for my roots, country and convictions"


Born in Argentina, Cynthia showed a talent for dancing at young age and began her a dancing career at the age of six.


She studied under world-renowned dancer and choreographer Juan Saveedra (world-recognized dancer and choreographer for numerous shows, including Le Cirque du Soleil) and with whom she participated in performances in the Chacarera Festival in the province of Santiago del Estero.At the age of 16, Cynty integrated the nationally acclaimed Ballet Brandsen, where

she was a dominant figure for numerous performances both in Argentina (with Mercedes Sosa,

Horacio Guarani, Mariano Mores and for one of the last tributes to Osvaldo Pugliese in the

Teatro Colon) and other countries in Latin America (Brazil, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay

and Mexico).


In the last 15 years, Cynty complemented her folkloric background by learning tango with

distinguished professors and performers such as Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa, Vannina

Vilouzs, Gustavo Naveira, Graciela Gonzalez, Chicho and Lucia, and Tete. Her technique now

combines a blend of traditional "milonguero" style with modern steps and figures, preserving

the fundamental aspects of tango in technique (such as the embrace, balance, and integrated fusion

of the couple) and musicality (rythms from different orchestras and interpretation of instruments). She taught various seminars in Buenos Aires at The Club Almagro, Galeria del Tango and Torcuato Tasso. La Viruta


Cynty has now established  in Buenos Aires afther three years a North American base in New York City, where she regularly

teaches workshops in folklore and tango, and also travels to other cities in both the

United States and Canada.During this time she performe with differents profecionals dancers like Diego di Falco, Junior Cervila, Roberto Reis, Pablo Veron, Omar Vega, El Tete, Pablo Pugliese…

 She continue  periodically in  Buenos Aires to expand her skills as

professional dancer, choreographer and instructor.


Toto  started his artistic studies al age of 16. An ecletic artist, he began his career at the Ecole Nationale du Annie Frattelini before immersing himself in the culture of Tango in search of his roots and his country's past. 

Toto toured with many circus productions: Annie Frattelini, Achile Zavatta, Cirque d hiver Bouglione, Cirque Barroque, Cirque Bouffon(Germany), Cristiane Gruss, Cirque Vai Ven (Argentine), Sanos y Salvos and Cirque du Soleil 2013 (Amaluna Production).


He worked also in a number of theatres and varieté shows that include:


Caesar Palace Casino in Las Vegas, Luna Varieté in Dormund, GOP Palast in Hannover, GOP Palast in Essen, GOP Palast in Munchen, GOP Palast in Munster, GOP Kaiser Palais in Bad Oeynhausen, Theatre Varieté in Stuttgart, Salomé Varieté in Koln, Cameleon Varieté in Berlin, Nocturna show in Centro Cultural Recoleta Buenos Aires, Sanos y Salvos Buenos Aires, Opera de Garnier in Paris, Faust Opera Bercy Paris, Opera Munchen, Theatre de Chaillot Paris, Opera Comique de Paris, les Saltinbanques Opera de Nantes,

Cabarets, Moulin Rouge in Paris, Folies Bergeres Paris, Winter Garden Varieté Berlin.


 During the last seven years Cynty & Toto have extensively performed and taught Tango, Circus and Folklore in Europe and America. They have created and directed two shows with

Bien de Rioba Producciones:


                            -"AMADOR" (Tango Circo Folklore)

                            -"MUDANÇAS" (Tango Music and acrobatics)


For Cynty&Toto, Tango is a dance that represents an expression of freedom and condensed Argentine roots .


Bien de Rioba
SINCE 2006